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“Èwà (Beans) will make you TALL is a common saying in Nigerian homes.”

“Èwà tells the story of a young Nigerian kid, Ranti, who is faced with the dilemma of achieving his desires of growing taller, before the next school year. On this journey, he is forced to believe in the one thing (Beans) he hates the most whilst finding solace in a brown bean. Both make it their mission to get Ranti taller before the new school term.

Does Ranti GROW? Well, STAY TUNED to find out!

Meet the Family

Ranti is a quirky, vibrant and fun-loving young boy. Optimistic at heart, he dreams about what we all desire - GROWTH. Importantly, he works towards those desires even though he is worried, about his height. He is however, determined to grow and tries multiple avenues hoping to attain his goals.

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The Bean is effervescent, cheeky and quick. A friend of Ranti, the Bean is Ranti’s encouraging star and companion. They develop a friendship and bond so strong that allows them to walk through the difficulties Ranti experiences. A good friend and companion is irreplaceable!

Ranti's Brother is playful and charming. A protector, he is someone Ranti can lean on, he enjoys being an older brother and loves to tease Ranti.

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Ranti's Mom is sweet, loving and caring. She is a MOTHER and wants to see Ranti achieve his goals of being taller! This is always shown by her affection for Ranti Everyone loves a caring MOTHER!